This describes the code (a.k.a container verification code) that skiboot uses to verify signed firmware blobs. Each ibm,cvc child node describes CVC service, which has a version and offset (reg).

Added in the device tree from ibm,secureboot-v2.

Required properties

compatible:      should be "ibm,container-verification-code"

memory-region:   this points to the reserved memory where the
                 container-verification-code is stored.


ibm,cvc {
        phandle = <0x10f>;
        #address-cells = <0x1>;
        #size-cells = <0x0>;
        compatible = "ibm,container-verification-code";
        memory-region = <0xaa>;

        ibm,cvc-service@40 {
                phandle = <0x110>;
                compatible = "ibm,cvc-sha512";
                reg = <0x40>;
                version = <0x1>;

        ibm,cvc-service@50 {
                phandle = <0x111>;
                compatible = "ibm,cvc-verify";
                reg = <0x50>;
                version = <0x1>;