The powercap sensors are populated in this node. Each child node in the “powercap” node represents a power-cappable component.

For example :


The OPAL_GET_POWERCAP and OPAL_SET_POWERCAP calls take a handle for what powercap property to get/set which is defined in the child node.

The compatible property for the linux driver which will be “ibm,opal-powercap”

Each child node has below properties:


Handle to indicate the current powercap


Absolute minimum possible powercap. This points to the soft powercap minimum limit as exported by OCC. The powercap set in the soft powercap range may or may not be maintained.


Maximum possible powercap


This value points to the hard minimum powercap limit. The powercap set above this limit is guaranteed unless there is a hardware failure

Powercap handle uses the following encoding:

| Class |    Reserved   | Attribute |

Note: The format of the powercap handle is NOT ABI and may change in the future.

power-mgt {
  powercap {
     compatible = "ibm,opal-powercap";

     system-powercap {
             name = "system-powercap";
             powercap-current = <0x00000002>;
             powercap-min = <0x00000000>;
             powercap-max = <0x00000001>;
             powercap-hard-min = <0x000000003>;