This OPAL call resets read offset and queued entries in high and normal priority receive FIFO control registers. The kernel initializes read offset entry in RXFIFO that it maintains during initialization. So this register reset is needed for NX module reload or in kexec boot to make sure read offset value matches with kernel entries. Otherwise NX reads requests with wrong offset in RxFIFO which could cause NX request failures.

The kernel initiates this call for each coprocessor type such as 842 and GZIP per NX instance.


``uint32_t chip_id``
  Contains value of the chip number identified at boot time.

``uint32_t pid``
  Contains NX coprocessor type (pid from the device tree).



The call to reset readOffset and queued entries for high and normal FIFOs was successful.


Indicates invalid chip ID or NX coprocessor type.


Not supported on P7 and P8.