skiboot-5.1.5 was released on October 1st, 2015.

skiboot-5.1.5 is the 6th stable release of 5.1, it follows skiboot-5.1.4 (which was released September 26th, 2015).

Skiboot 5.1.5 contains all fixes from skiboot-5.1.4 and is a minor bug fix release.


Over skiboot-5.1.4, we have the following changes:


  • centaur: Add indirect XSCOM support Fixes a bug where opal-prd would not be able to recover from a bunch of errors as the indirect XSCOMs to centaurs would fail.

  • xscom: Fix logging of indirect XSCOM errors Better logging of error messages.

  • PHB3: Fix wrong PE number in error injection

  • Improvement in utility to support copying a pflash binary to BMCs.

AST BMC machines

  • ipmi-sel: Run power action immediately if host not up

    Our normal sequence for a soft power action (IPMI ‘power soft’ or ‘power cycle’) involve receiving a SEL from the BMC, sending a message to Linux’s opal platform support which instructs the host OS to shut down, and finally the host will request OPAL to cut power.

    When the host is not yet up we will send the message to /dev/null, and no action will be taken. This patches changes that behaviour to perform the action immediately if we know how.

OpenPower machines:

  • opal-prd: Increase IPMI timeout to a slightly better value Proactively bump the timeout to 5seconds to match current value in petitboot Observed in the wild that this fixes bugs for petitboot.