skiboot 5.10.2 was released on Tuesday March 6th, 2018. It replaces skiboot-5.10.1 as the current stable release in the 5.10.x series.

Over skiboot-5.10.1, we have one improvement:

  • Tie tm-suspend fw-feature and opal_reinit_cpus() together

    Currently opal_reinit_cpus(OPAL_REINIT_CPUS_TM_SUSPEND_DISABLED) always returns OPAL_UNSUPPORTED.

    This ties the tm suspend fw-feature to the opal_reinit_cpus(OPAL_REINIT_CPUS_TM_SUSPEND_DISABLED) so that when tm suspend is disabled, we correctly report it to the kernel. For backwards compatibility, it’s assumed tm suspend is available if the fw-feature is not present.

    Currently hostboot will clear fw-feature(TM_SUSPEND_ENABLED) on P9N DD2.1. P9N DD2.2 will set fw-feature(TM_SUSPEND_ENABLED). DD2.0 and below has TM disabled completely (not just suspend).

    We are using opal_reinit_cpus() to determine this setting (rather than the device tree/HDAT) as some future firmware may let us change this dynamically after boot. That is not the case currently though.