skiboot-5.2.0-rc2 was released on Wednesday March 9th, 2016.

skiboot-5.2.0-rc2 is the second release candidate of skiboot 5.2, which will become the new stable release of skiboot following the 5.1 release, first released August 17th, 2015.

skiboot-5.2.0-rc2 contains all bug fixes as of skiboot-5.1.14.

This is the second release that will follow the (now documented) Skiboot stable rules - see Skiboot stable tree rules and releases.

The current plan is to release skiboot-5.2.0 mid-March 2016, with a focus on bug fixing for future 5.2.0-rc releases (if any - I hope this will be the last)

Over skiboot-5.2.0-rc1, we have the following changes:

New platform!

  • Add Barreleye platform


  • hw/p8-i2c: Speed up SMBUS_WRITE

  • Fix early backtraces

FSP Platforms

  • fsp-sensor: rework device tree for sensors

  • platforms/firenze: Fix I2C clock source frequency

Simics simulator

  • Enable Simics UART console

Mambo simulator

  • platforms/mambo: Add terminate callback

    • fix hang in multi-threaded mambo

    • add multithreaded mambo tests


  • hw/ipmi: fix event data 1 for System Firmware Progress sensor

  • ipmi: Log exact NetFn value in OPAL logs

AST BMC based platforms

  • hw/bt: allow BT driver to use different buffer size

opal-prd utility

  • opal-prd: Add debug output for firmware-driven OCC events

    We indicate when we have a user-driven event, so add corresponding outputs for firmware-driven ones too.

getscom utility

  • Add Naples chip support