skiboot-5.2.2 was released on Thursday May 5th, 2016.

skiboot-5.2.2 is the third stable release of skiboot 5.2, the new stable release of skiboot, which will take over from the 5.1.x series which was first released August 17th, 2015.

Skiboot 5.2.2 replaces skiboot-5.2.1 as the current stable version, which was released on April 27th, 2016. Over skiboot-5.2.1, skiboot 5.2.2 contains one bug fix targeted at P8NVL systems, notably the Garrison platform.

skiboot-5.2.2 contains all bug fixes as of skiboot-5.1.16.

This is the second release that will follow the (now documented) Skiboot stable rules - see Skiboot stable tree rules and releases.

Over skiboot-5.2.1, the following fixes are included:


  • PHB3: Fix corruption of pref window register

    On P8+ Garrison platform, the root port’s pref window register might be not writable and we have to emulate the window because of hardware defect. In order to detect that, we read the register content, write inversed value and read the register content again. The register is regarded as read-only if the values from the two continuous read are same. However, the original register content isn’t written back and it causes corruption on pref window register if it’s writable.

    This fixes the above issue by writing the original content back to the register at the end.