skiboot-5.4.7 was released on Tuesday September 19th, 2017. It replaces skiboot-5.4.6 as the current stable release in the 5.4.x series.

Over skiboot-5.4.6, we have two backported bug fixes for FSP platforms:

  • FSP: Add check to detect FSP Reset/Reload inside fsp_sync_msg()

    During FSP Reset/Reload we move outstanding MBOX messages from msgq to rr_queue including inflight message (fsp_reset_cmdclass()). But we are not resetting inflight message state.

    In extreme corner case where we sent message to FSP via fsp_sync_msg() path and FSP Reset/Reload happens before getting respose from FSP, then we will endup waiting in fsp_sync_msg() until everything becomes normal.

    This patch adds fsp_in_rr() check to fsp_sync_msg() and return error to caller if FSP is in R/R.

  • platforms/ibm-fsp/firenze: Fix PCI slot power-off pattern

    When powering off the PCI slot, the corresponding bits should be set to 0bxx00xx00 instead of 0bxx11xx11. Otherwise, the specified PCI slot can’t be put into power-off state. Fortunately, it didn’t introduce any side-effects so far.