skiboot v6.7 was released on Tuesday November 3rd 2020. It is the first release of skiboot 6.7 series, which becomes the new stable release following the skiboot-6.6 release, first released Wednesday April 22nd 2020.

The main reason for this release is the addition of secure variable support and the Mowgli platform. Aside from these feature, this release is largely bug-fixes. However, this is expected since we’re approaching the end of the P9 product cycle and development has largely shifted towards enabling a future processor with a difficult-to-guess name.

New features

  • Secure Variable support

    The secure variable API provides the host operating system with space to store cryptographic keys for OS secure boot. The security comes from the requirement that all secure variable updates be cryptographically signed so the keys used to verify the secure boot chain can only be updated by a user authorized to do so.

  • Fleetwood platform support

    Support was added for the multi-node IBM Fleetwood systems. This support was largely for internal IBM testing purposes and is not, and will not, ever be offically supported.

  • Mowgli platform support

    Support was added for the Mowgli platform built by Wistron.