Supported platforms & CPUs

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Name PVR Other names
Power8E 0x004bxxxx Murano
Power8 0x004dxxxx Venice
Power8NVL 0x004cxxxx Naples
Power9N 0x004e0xxx Nimbus 12 small core
Power9N 0x004e1xxx Nimbus 24 small core
Power9C 0x004e2xxx Cumulus 12 small core
Power9C 0x004e3xxx Cumulus 24 small core
Power9P 0x004fxxxx Axone


Platform Sub platform Host CPU(s) Manufacturer compatible Other names/Notes Link(s)
astbmc barreleye Power8 Ingrasys (Foxconn) “ingrasys,barreleye” Barreleye, Rackspace machine  
astbmc firestone Power8 Wistron, IBM “ibm,firestone” Firestone, S822LC [1]
astbmc garrison Power8 IBM “ibm,garrison” Minsky, “S822LC for HPC” [2]
astbmc habanero Power8 Tyan “tyan,habanero” Habanero, TN71-BP012  
astbmc p8dtu Power8 Supermicro “supermicro,p8dtu1u” Briggs, “S822LC for Big Data” [3] [4]
astbmc p8dtu Power8 Supermicro “supermicro,p8dtu2u” Stratton, S821LC [5] [6]
astbmc p8dnu Power8 Supermicro “supermicro,p8dnu(1u|2u)?”    
astbmc p9sdu Power9 Supermicro “supermicro,p9dsu” Boston, LC921/LC922 [7]
astbmc palmetto Power8 Tyan “tyan,palmetto” Palmetto, GN70-BP010  
astbmc romulus Power9   “ibm,romulus” Romulus  
astbmc vesnin Power9 Yadro “YADRO,vesnin” VESNIN  
astbmc witherspoon Power9   “ibm,witherspoon” Witherspoon, Newell, AC922 [8]
astbmc zaius Power9 Ingrasys (Foxconn) “ingrasys,zaius” Zaius, Google Machine  
ibm-fsp apollo Power8   “ibm,apollo”    
ibm-fsp firenze Power8E IBM “ibm,firenze” Tuleta, S812L, S822L [9]
ibm-fsp zz Power9   “ibm,zz-(1|2)s(2|4)u”    
rhesus n/a Power8E   “ibm,powernv” Rhesus, Google machine  


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