skiboot 4.1

Skiboot 4.1 was released 10th December 2014. It was a release where more development transitioned to the open source mailing list rather than internal mailing lists.

Changes include:

  • We now build with -fstack-protector and -Werror

  • Stack checking extensions when built with STACK_CHECK=1

  • Reduced stack usage in some areas, -Wstack-usage=1024 now.

    • Some functions could use 2kb stack, now all are <1kb

  • Unsafe libc functions such as sprintf() have been removed

  • Symbolic backtraces

  • expose skiboot symbol map to OS (via device-tree)

  • removed machine check interrupt patching in OPAL

  • occ/hbrt: Call stopOCC() for implementing reset OCC command from FSP

  • occ: Fix the low level ACK message sent to FSP on receiving {RESET/LOAD}_OCC

  • hardening to errors of various FSP code

    • fsp: Avoid NULL dereference in case of invalid class_resp bits- abort if device tree parsing fails

    • FSP: Validate fsp_msg in fsp_queue_msg

    • fsp-elog: Add various NULL checks

  • Finessing of when to use error log vs prerror()

  • More i2c work

  • Can now run under Mambo simulator (see external/mambo/skiboot.tcl) (commonly known as “POWER8 Functional Simulator”)

  • Document skiboot versioning scheme

  • opal: Handle more TFAC errors.


  • ipmi: populate FRU data

  • rtc: Add a generic rtc cache

  • ipmi/rtc: use generic cache

  • Error Logging backend for bmc based machines

  • PSI: Drive link down on HIR

  • occ: Fix clearing of OCC interrupt on remote fix