skiboot-5.1.17 was released on Thursday 21st July 2016.

skiboot-5.1.17 is the 18th stable release of 5.1, it follows skiboot-5.1.16 (which was released April 29th, 2016).

This release contains a few minor bug fixes.


All platforms:

  • Fix a few typos in user visible (OPAL log) strings

  • pci: Do a dummy config write to devices to establish bus number

  • Make the XSCOM engine code more resilient to errors: - hw/xscom: Reset XSCOM engine after querying sleeping core FIR - hw/xscom: Reset XSCOM engine after finite number of retries when busy - xscom: Return OPAL_WRONG_STATE on XSCOM ops if CPU is asleep