skiboot-5.5.0-rc3 was released on Wednesday April 5th 2017. It is the third release candidate of skiboot 5.5, which will become the new stable release of skiboot following the 5.4 release, first released November 11th 2016.

skiboot-5.5.0-rc3 contains all bug fixes as of skiboot-5.4.3 and skiboot-5.1.19 (the currently maintained stable releases).

For how the skiboot stable releases work, see Skiboot stable tree rules and releases for details.

The current plan is to cut the final 5.5.0 by April 8th, with skiboot 5.5.0 being for all POWER8 and POWER9 platforms in op-build v1.16 (Due April 12th). This is a short cycle as this release is mainly targetted towards POWER9 bringup efforts.

Following skiboot-5.5.0, we will move to a regular six week release cycle, similar to op-build, but slightly offset to allow for a short stabilisation period. Expected release dates and contents are tracked using GitHub milestone and issues:

Over skiboot-5.5.0-rc2, we have the following changes:

  • xive: Fix setting of remote NVT VSD

    This fixes a checkstop when using my XIVE exploitation mode on some multi-chip machines.

  • core/init: Use ‘_’ as separator in names of “exports” properties

    The names of the properties under /ibm,opal/firmware/exports are used directly by Linux to create files in sysfs. To remain consistent with the existing naming of OPAL sysfs files, use ‘_’ as the separator.

    In particular for the symbol map which is already exported separately,

    it’s cleaner for the two files to have the same name, eg:

  • hdata: fix reservation size

    The hostboot reserved ranges are [start, end] pairs rather than [start, end) so we need to stick a +1 in there to calculate the size properly.

  • hdat: Add model-name property for OpenPower system

  • hdat: Read description from ibm, vpd binary blob

  • hdat: Populate model property with ‘Unknown’ in error path