skiboot 6.0.1 was released on Wednesday May 16th, 2018. It replaces skiboot-6.0 as the current stable release in the 6.0.x series.

It is recommended that 6.0.1 be used instead of any previous 6.0.x version due to the bug fixes and debugging enhancements in it.

Over skiboot-6.0, we have two bug fixes:

  • OpenBMC: use 0x3a as OEM command for partial add esel.

    This fixes the bug where skiboot would never send an eSEL to the BMC.

  • Add location code to NPU2 HMI logging

    The current HMI error message does not specifiy where the HMI error occured.

    The original error message was

    NPU: FIR#0 FIR 0x0080100000000000 mask 0x009a48180f01ffff

    The enhanced error message is

    NPU2: [Loc: UOPWR.0000000-Node0-Proc0] P:0 FIR#0 FIR 0x0000100000000000 mask 0x009a48180f03ffff