skiboot v6.2-rc2 was released on Thursday November 29th 2018. It is the second release candidate of skiboot 6.2, which will become the new stable release of skiboot following the 6.1 release, first released July 11th 2018.

Skiboot 6.2 will mark the basis for op-build v2.2.

skiboot v6.2-rc2 contains all bug fixes as of skiboot-6.0.14, and skiboot-5.4.10 (the currently maintained stable releases).

For how the skiboot stable releases work, see Skiboot stable tree rules and releases for details.

Over skiboot-6.2-rc1, we have the following changes:

  • npu2-opencapi: Log extra information on link training failure

  • npu2-opencapi: Detect if link trained in degraded mode

  • platform/firenze: Fix branch-to-null crash

    When the bus alloc and free methods were removed we missed a case in the Firenze platform slot code that relied on the the bus-specific method to the bus pointer in the request structure. This results in a branch-to-null during boot and a crash. This patch fixes it by initialising it manually here.

  • libflash: Don’t merge ECC-protected ranges

    Libflash currently merges contiguous ECC-protected ranges, but doesn’t check that the ECC bytes at the end of the first and start of the second range actually match sanely. More importantly, if blocklevel_read() is called with a position at the start of a partition that is contained somewhere within a region that has been merged it will update the position assuming ECC wasn’t being accounted for. This results in the position being somewhere well after the actual start of the partition which is incorrect.

    For now, remove the code merging ranges. This means more ranges must be held and checked however it prevents incorrectly reading ECC-correct regions like below:

    [  174.334119453,7] FLASH: CAPP partition has ECC
    [  174.437349574,3] ECC: uncorrectable error: ffffffffffffffff ff
    [  174.437426306,3] FLASH: failed to read the first 0x1000 from CAPP partition, rc 14
    [  174.439919343,3] CAPP: Error loading ucode lid. index=201d1
  • libflash: Restore blocklevel tests

    This fell out in f58be46 “libflash/test: Rewrite Makefile.check to improve scalability”. Add it back in as test-blocklevel.

  • Warn on long OPAL calls

    Measure entry/exit time for OPAL calls and warn appropriately if the calls take too long (>100ms gets us a DEBUG log, > 1000ms gets us a warning).

CI, testing, and utilities

  • travis: Coverity fixed their SSL cert

  • opal-ci: Use ubuntu:rolling for Ubuntu latest image

  • ffspart: Add test for eraseblock size

  • ffspart: Add toc test

  • hdata/test: workaround dtc bugs

    In dtc v1.4.5 to at least v1.4.7 there have been a few bugs introduced that change the layout of what’s produced in the dts. In order to be immune from them, we should use the (provided) dtdiff utility, but we also need to run the dts we’re diffing against through a dtb cycle in order to ensure we get the same format as what the hdat_to_dt to dts conversion will.

    This fixes a bunch of unit test failures on the version of dtc shipped with recent Linux distros such as Fedora 29.