skiboot v7.1 was released on Monday Sep 18th 2023. It is the first release of the skiboot 7.1 series, which becomes the new stable release following the skiboot-7.0 release, first released Tuesday Oct 26th 2021.

Changes in this release are mostly bug fixes, refactoring improvements, and some code deprecation/obsoletion.

New Features

Removed OPAL calls

The OPAL_PCI_SET_MVE_ENABLE and OPAL_PCI_SET_MVE calls were removed, as they were noops. Support for IODA1 and both calls was removed from the Linux kernel in v6.5-rc1.

Optional POWER8 support

Most POWER8 code has been conditionalized, making it possible to omit support by building with CONFIG_P8=0. The result is a smaller binary targeting POWER9 as the baseline CPU.