skiboot-5.4.0-rc3 was released on Wednesday November 2nd 2016. It is the third release candidate of skiboot 5.4, which will become the new stable release of skiboot following the 5.3 release, first released August 2nd 2016.

skiboot-5.4.0-rc3 contains all bug fixes as of skiboot-5.3.7 and skiboot-5.1.18 (the currently maintained stable releases).

For how the skiboot stable releases work, see Skiboot stable tree rules and releases for details.

Since this is a release candidate, it should NOT be put into production.

The current plan is to release a new release candidate every week until we feel good about it. The aim is for skiboot-5.4.x to be in op-build v1.13, which is due by November 23rd 2016.

Over skiboot-5.4.0-rc2, we have a few changes:

  • pflash: Fail when file is larger than partition You can still shoot yourself in the foot by passing –force.

  • core/flash: Don’t do anything clever for OPAL_FLASH_{READ, WRITE, ERASE} This fixes a bug where opal-prd and opal-gard could fail. Fixes:

  • boot-tests: force BMC to boot from non-golden side

  • fast-reset: Send special reset sequence to operational CPUs only. Fixes fast-reset for cases where there are garded CPUs

  • Secure/Trusted boot: be much clearer about what is being measured where.

  • Secure/Trusted boot: be more resilient to disabled TPM(s).

  • Secure/Trusted boot: The force-secure-mode NVRAM setting introduced temporarily in skiboot-5.4.0-rc2 has changed behaviour. Now, by default, the secure-mode flag in the device tree is obeyed. As always, any skiboot NVRAM options are in no way ABI, API or supported and may cause unfinished verbose analogies to appear in release notes relating to the dangers of using developer only options.

  • gard: Fix compiler warning on modern GCC targetting ARM 32-bit

  • opal-prd: systemd scripts improvements, only run on supported systems