skiboot-5.4.0-rc4 was released on Tuesday November 8th 2016. It is the fourth (and hopefully final) release candidate of skiboot 5.4, which will become the new stable release of skiboot following the 5.3 release, first released August 2nd 2016.

skiboot-5.4.0-rc4 contains all bug fixes as of skiboot-5.3.7 and skiboot-5.1.18 (the currently maintained stable releases).

For how the skiboot stable releases work, see Skiboot stable tree rules and releases for details.

Since this is a release candidate, it should NOT be put into production.

With this release candidate, I’m hoping that it’s the last one, and that within the week we’re able to tag a final 5.4.0 release. There is one bit of code I’m hoping to merge in before the final 5.4.0, and that’s the p8dtu platform definition. The aim is for skiboot-5.4.x to be in op-build v1.13, which is due by November 23rd 2016.

Over skiboot-5.4.0-rc3, we have a few changes:

  • Add BMC platform to enable correct OEM IPMI commands

    An out of tree platform (p8dtu) uses a different IPMI OEM command for IPMI_PARTIAL_ADD_ESEL. This exposed some assumptions about the BMC implementation in our core code.

    Now, with platform.bmc, each platform can dictate (or detect) the BMC that is present. We allow it to be set at runtime rather than purely statically in struct platform as it’s possible to have differing BMC implementations on the one machine (e.g. AMI BMC or OpenBMC).

  • hw/ipmi-sensor: Fix setting of firmware progress sensor properly.

    On FSP systems, OPAL was incorrectly setting firmware status on a sensor id “00” which doesn’t exist.

  • pflash: remove stray d in from info message

  • libflash/pflash: support whole chip erase on mtd access

  • boot_test: fix typo in console message

  • core/pci: Fix criteria in pci_cfg_reg_filter(), i.e. NVLink didn’t work.

  • Remove KERNEL_COMMAND_LINE mention from config.h

    We removed the functionality but not the define.